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SpellOK and EditOK Free Spelling Check Program

SpellOK and EditOK for Windows

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SpellOK and EditOK

Two impressive programs that check words for spelling mistakes and suggest alternative correct spelling using AUSTRALIAN English.


License: Free



SpellOK and EditOK are impressive programs to check the spelling of individual words. The 220,000 word dictionary is more than adequate for normal use, and you can also add words to the dictionary as needed.

SpellOK and EditOK features include:

  • Suitable for Windows versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP
  • Australian English spelling
  • Check spelling, change, add or ignore words as required
  • Use of wildcard characters when a given letter of a word is unknown as follows:
  1. * --> Matches with 0 or more instances of any character or set of characters

  2. ? --> Matches with any one character

  • Can be used to check spelling of text that has been copied from the clipboard
  • Scroll through a list of potential replacement words
  • You can copy the selected replacement word to the clipboard
  • May be used to insert the selected replacement word into the document
  • Allows you to add words to the dictionary
  • Efficient resource usage
SpellOK Wildcard Characters